The Best Giant Jenga Life-Sized Yard Game Alternatives Reviewed!

I’m so excited! We just ordered Jenga, but life-sized! Not sure if you’ve ever seen it at a sports bar, family pizza place, or while tailgating, but the fun little wooden game called Jenga has a big sister and it’s super fun! As a Dad of four kids, we’re constantly looking for fun things to […]

About Us

Woodly started as a weekend art and crafts project my oldest daughter and I set out to complete! The goal was to make some homemade wooden building blocks! What seemed like a super simple, quick, and easy project, turned out to be a little more complex than we originally anticipated. Don’t all great parent/child projects! […]

Our First Product: All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Wooden Building Blocks Made in USA!

We are so excited to announce our first product here at Woodly Toy Company, Building Blocks! We have some cool ideas and surprises with the design of our new Building Blocks set which we hope to release for pre-ordering next week and begin shipping on November 1st! So there are lots of details still to […]