Our First Product: All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Wooden Building Blocks Made in USA!

We are so excited to announce our first product here at Woodly Toy Company, Building Blocks! We have some cool ideas and surprises with the design of our new Building Blocks set which we hope to release for pre-ordering next week and begin shipping on November 1st!

So there are lots of details still to come, but a few things we can share for certain is that our building blocks will be made from 100% all-natural, untreated wood that is parti of a renewable resource tree-planting, rainforest saving initiative.

They will also be non-toxic. Sadly, that’s a pretty loose term nowadays. As long as paint, dye, or stain abides by ASTM such and such, the manufacturer can say “non-toxic”. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want my little kids munching on or even touching wooden toys painted or treated with dye or stain that contains “other stuff” that is “non-toxic”, but doesn’t need to be stated. Also keep in mind that this paint or dye is being applied in China and other overseas factories most of the time where only 1 in let’s say 10,000 or so toys or blocks are actually audited and tested. In this case, what about the other 9,999 units? Could those have weird things like lead or other toxins and poisons inside them? Who knows? Only you and your kids once you use them and possibly experience the side effects. Yikes! I know I don’t want to take that chance!

Here at Woodly we are experimenting with creating our own 100% natural, non-toxic milk paints and water-based dyes. We have a few partners here in America who we can hold liable to use 100% non-toxic and natural solutions and recipes, but we are truly hoping to make the paint and dyes ourselves. This would give us ultimate control!

We can also say that 100% of Woodly Toys will be handmade right here in America! That’s right! Made in USA. Ultimately, we can’t stand for our core principles unless everything is made 100% by us, here in America. So despite being less profitable or all the other things that big businesses say about made in America products, we will continue pushing forward with this initiative to make sure we deliver what we promise!

Stay tune for more information on our wooden building blocks set. You’re going to love them!!



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