The Best Giant Jenga Life-Sized Yard Game Alternatives Reviewed!

I’m so excited! We just ordered Jenga, but life-sized! Not sure if you’ve ever seen it at a sports bar, family pizza place, or while tailgating, but the fun little wooden game called Jenga has a big sister and it’s super fun! As a Dad of four kids, we’re constantly looking for fun things to do outside with the kids and I’m super excited about this one.

So I looked on amazon and was about to order the official Giant Life-Sized Jenga, but started to see unofficial alternatives. The official one was around $119 which didn’t seem ridiculous, but the alternatives ranged from $50-99 so I figured I’d give them a try first.

They are on the way from amazon which means I should have them in-hand by Sunday. Once I get all three sets and figure out which one we like best, I’ll update this post and rank them all from best to worst in detail! 🙂

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